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The Scott Satran Memorial Tournament 2023

“He cared about people – young, and old alike; he was able to relate to every age group.  Scott was everyone’s buddy, confidante, and most of all, friend…” These words were spoken by Robbie Satran at the dedication ceremony of a Torah in his brother Scott’s memory at the Young Israel of Oceanside on November 19, 1989.

Robbie’s words capture the essence of why it is so fitting that this tournament be named for and dedicated to Scott.  To him the most important thing was people.  This event brings together high school athletes from all over.  He would have loved it!  He would have loved the idea of meeting new people, of playing ball with them, and of becoming friends with them.

Scott graduated from HAFTR in June, 1984.  For most of his time here he was a cancer patient but never thought of himself as such.  He didn't allow it.  He wanted to be one of the “kids.”  He was on the basketball team as well as the hockey team while maintaining his studies because he knew he was going to go to college and he was right.  After graduation, he attended Queens College where he won a position on the tennis team.

On March 25, 1987 at the age of twenty, Scott died, leaving hundreds of people “young and old alike,” richer for having known him and poorer for not having known him long enough.

        Since this tournament represents friendship and sportsmanship, it is dedicated by HAFTR High School in memory of Scott Satran, September 19, 1966 – March 25, 1987, HAFTR High School Class of ’84.