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Hebrew Academy of Five Towns & Rockaway
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Parnes HaYom

HAFTR offers individuals the opportunity to sponsor a day of learning through our Parnes Hayom Program. We have established Parnes Hayom – literally day supporter – as a means for grandparents, parents, alumni and friends of our yeshiva to support Torah study. The value of Torah leaning is equivalent to the value of all the mitzvot combined – “talmud torah keneged kulam.”

For $180 individuals may dedicate a day of learning at one of HAFTR’s divisions in memory of a loved one’s Yahrzeit, a refuah shelmah, on the occasion of a simcha, birthday, or any other occasion that you wish to acknowledge. Dedications will be announced during the morning tefillah so that the children will know for whom their learning is dedicated. Dedications will also be e-mailed to the HAFTR community.

By participating in the Parnes Hayom program, we can link the children’s learning with the legacy of a loved one. The children will feel the importance of what they are learning and the family feels the beauty of the mitzvah.

If you wish to participate in the Parnes Hayom program for HAFTR, please contact Lauren Appel at 516.569.3370 ext. 110 or