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HAFTR Admissions

HAFTR Early Childhood, Lower School, and Middle School
At HAFTR, we work closely with each new family to ensure that the admission process is seamless. 
Only when you walk through our brightly colored hallways filled with student work, will you be able to get the true sense of our institution. We encourage you to schedule a visit so that we may answer any questions you have in person as you meet with our administrators and chat with our HAFTR students.
Please contact [email protected] to schedule a visit. 
If you would like more information, please complete the form below.
For your convenience, below you will find an admissions checklist to assist with the process.
□ Parent(s) submit completed application.
□ Parent(s) and student(s) interview with respective administrators.
□ Student(s) meet with school psychologist for testing (Grades K-8).
□ Parent(s) receive admission decision.