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High School Happenings

HAFTR High School Reflects on Yom Hashoah,
Yom Ha’zikaron, and Yom Ha’atzmaut
Students and faculty at HAFTR High School recently observed the solemn commemorations of Yom Hashoah and Yom Ha’zikaron, followed by the joyous celebration of Yom Ha’atzmaut. These days, which most exemplify Bnei Yisrael’s contemporary national connection with Hashem, offer our students a deep connection to Judaism.
For our observance of Yom Hashoah, the school organized a student-centered program commemorating the Holocaust. We have been fortunate to have the sponsorship of Mr. and Mrs. Marty and Melodie Scharf for HAFTR’s “Mr. Abraham Scharf Z”L Mission to Poland.” Seniors who participated in the mission shared with the school community their experiences and reflections, describing what they saw and how the mission deeply impacted their lives. It was especially significant for our students to hear and see young people close to their own age sharing these words and thoughts with them. Following the remarks, we sang the song והיא שעמדה as a school, declaring in unison our survival through the hand of Hashem. The program concluded with the learning of a Mishnah, much like we do in a house of a mourner, with stirring words by Rabbi Yonoson Hirtz, followed by and concluding with the recitation of Kaddish.
For Yom Ha’zikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut we linked the two days together in a program to infuse the joy of Yom Ha’atzmaut with the bravery and dedication that was necessary to get there through Yom Ha’zikaron. On Yom Ha’zikaron, HAFTR High School organized a school-wide assembly at which Rabbi Kenneth Hain, rabbi of Congregation Beth Sholom of Lawrence, spoke about the meaningfulness and unifying power of Yom Ha’zikaron in Israel. Following Rabbi Hain’s remarks, the students watched the film “Beneath the Helmet.” This film displayed a coming-of-age tale, showing the journey of five Israeli high school graduates on their becoming צנחנים (paratroopers). After viewing the film, we recited the MiSheberach for the Chayalim and the State of Israel. We concluded the program with instructions for the students to reflect on the movie they just saw, and to be prepared to discuss it the next day.
On Yom Ha’atzmaut, we began the day with a school-wide Tefilah in the auditorium with a joyous Hallel recited, demonstrating the celebration of the day. In the morning, the Rebbeim and Morot reflected with their students on the film that they had seen the previous day, and asked students to express and discuss how they personally connect with the modern Jewish state. Later in the day, the festivities continued as a mock שוק (Israeli marketplace) was created with food for the students to snack on. Additionally, students participated in three activities that reflected three elements of our educational philosophy: learning experientially, engaging in chesed, and academic knowledge. The first activity, Bubble Soccer, helped to encourage experiential learning. It was fun and exciting for our students to play the national Israeli sport, with a bit of a twist. The second activity, an opportunity for chesed, encouraged students to write letters to Israeli soldiers, thanking them for their sacrifice for our country and our people. The final activity included a trivia game on modern and ancient Israeli trivia, touching upon the importance of academic learning. Overall, the three days of celebration and commemoration were highly impactful experiences for our students, and we are glad to have provided such rich learning opportunities for our HAFTR community.
Seniors Attend Simon Wiesenthal Center Summit
A delegation of seniors from HAFTR High School participated in the first annual Simon Wiesenthal Center High School Leadership Summit, hosted by Yeshiva University on April 2. The Simon Wiesenthal Center inaugurated the regional summit to prepare students to respond to the challenges of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel activities facing Jewish students on college campuses. In addition to HAFTR High School, the summit included seniors from Ramaz, Magen David, Central, and Frisch yeshiva high schools.
The Leadership Summit, which was spearheaded by Mr. Michael Cohen, Eastern Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, gave students the opportunity to hear from organizations that have a presence on campus. Mr. Jonathan Bridge, chief programming officer of Alpha Epsilon Pi, gave the keynote address. Students learned about the threats on campus from Ms. Melissa Weiss, SWC National Campus Outreach Director, who suggested effective strategies for situations they may encounter.
A highlight of the program was the panel of student activists from Rutgers and Cornell. “It was very meaningful for our students to learn about the first-hand experiences of these young people on their college campuses,” said Rabbi Ira Wallach, Judaic Studies Coordinator. The SCW expressed the organization’s appreciation to Mr. Yaron Kornblum, president of HAFTR, “whose vision it was that led to the creation of this project.”
HAFTR Students Take Honors at the Long Island Mathematics Fair
HAFTR High School seniors Ethan Winkler and Justin Moskowitz were awarded medals for their outstanding research at the Long Island Mathematics Fair on April 12 at Hofstra University. Ethan researched knot theory and was awarded a bronze medal. Justin researched prime numbers and was awarded a silver medal. Ethan and Justin worked with their mentor, Mr. Neil Bernstein, chairman of the mathematics department at HAFTR High School.
Underclassmen Enjoy a Day of Field Trips
The freshmen, sophomores, and juniors at HAFTR High School enjoyed a day filled with camaraderie, spirit, and fun on Thursday, April 11. The students enjoyed spending time with their friends, teachers, and faculty members. The freshman and sophomore trips included rock climbing at Gravity Vault in Melville, indoor go-karting at RPM Raceway in Farmingdale, and laser tag, paintball, archery, and virtual reality at Indoor Extreme Sports in Long Island City. Our junior students spent the day at Six Flags Great Adventure in New England, followed by dinner at The Teaneck Doghouse. A great time was had by all!
Students Engage in Science Research at HAFTR High School
Over 80 HAFTR students were engaged in original, hands-on science research projects as participants in our Science and Engineering Institute this year. These students designed and completed 41 projects that covered a wide range of topics, including biology, chemistry, physics, behavioral science and engineering.
Taking advantage of our lab’s state-of-the-art biotechnology equipment, our students were able to conduct extensive, sophisticated DNA research. For example, using the polymerase chain reaction and gel electrophoresis, different groups examined the DNA of human subjects, indigenous insects or plants, looking for either a correlation between genotype and phenotype; the presence of a “nucleotide polymorphism;” or, in search of a particular bacterium known to ward off the Zika virus. Other students utilized the recent breakthrough in genetic editing, CRISPR, to manipulate bacterial resistance.
All of our budding scientists and engineers had the chance to showcase and celebrate their accomplishments at the HAFTR High School Eighth Annual Science, Math and Engineering Fair on Monday, April 8. While each and every student gained immeasurably from the opportunity to develop an original, hands-on research project, we are especially proud of the following students whose projects finished in First, Second or Third Place:
Grade 9:   
First Place: Lulu Morse (Prevention of shiga toxin-producing E.coli outbreaks in flour)
Second Place: Mikayla Corney (The effect of caffeine and ethanol on planarian regeneration)
Third Place: Julia Fox (Gender differences in interpreting emotions through facial expressions) 
Grade 10
First Place: Jordana Mastour (The effect of antioxidants on the longevity of C. elegans) and Nava Schein (The effect of hydrogels on the drought tolerance of plants)
Second Place: Emma Gilbert (Testing the effect of microbead pollution on the mortality of ocean invertebrates)
Grade 11:
First Place: Ilana Sacolick, Ariella Stefansky and Cory Hiller (Identifying the presence of Wolbachia bacteria in indigenous insects)
Second Place: Emily Silverstein (The use of algae as a means of desalination)
Third Place: Jeffrey Wolberg and Hannah Levine (Examining the effect of a plant’s genotype on its phenotype)
We are also extremely proud of the 50+ students whose projects were entered in this year’s Long Island Science Congress on April 9 and 10, making the HAFTR contingent one of the largest in Nassau and Suffolk counties.
HAFTR freshman Lulu Morse was nominated by the Long Island Science Congress to attend the New York State Science Congress, which will be held at the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse in June. Lulu was the only student in the Junior Division from a yeshiva high school to receive this nomination. In additional to Lulu, five HAFTR students have been invited to the Long Island Science Congress Awards Assembly on Monday evening, May 20: Freshmen Mikayla Corney, Devorah Gottesman and Ethan Rabinowitz, sophomore Gabe Kurlander, and junior David Lederer.
Students who want to get an early start on a research project for next year should contact Mr. Blumenstein, the faculty advisor to HAFTR High School’s Science and Engineering Institute, and/or Mr. Bernstein, the math research coordinator. 
Boys’ Torah Bowl Places Second in Regional Championship
The Boys’ Torah Bowl team traveled to Brooklyn on Tuesday, April 9 to compete in the Regional Torah Bowl Championship game. After defeating teams in the Eastern Division in March, it was time to take on the other division winners.
Our team, comprised of Brandon Arfa, Ezra Stern, Gabe Kurlander, Elijah Gurvitch, Joseph Gettenberg, Benjamin Gettenberg, Ezra Wallach, and Daniel Singer, knew that the pressure was on and the competition would be intense. The teams from R.T.M.A, Kushner, and Ateres Yaakov were all well prepared and up for the challenge. One hundred questions were asked, covering the entire Sefer Bereishis. The team with the most points would take home the crown.
Unfortunately, the HAFTR team came up just a little short and came in second place, behind R.T.M.A. We are very proud of the students who put in much time and effort; may they continue to excel in their Torah studies.
The Stage Came Alive with The Sound of Music
By Elijah Greenberg, grade 12
The HAFTR Players earn their reputation for presenting outstanding performances every year, and this year’s production, The Sound of Music, was no exception. On April 6 and 7, the Von Trapp Family took to the stage once again, and the audience response was, overwhelmingly, “WOW!”
The cast, led by Kayla Wienerkur as Maria, Julia Mann as Mother Abbess, Max Yacker as Max Detweiller, and Racheli Gottesman as Elsa, brought down the house. Each of the 32 students involved on stage, backstage, and in the booth were stars. However, these exceptional plays don’t come together overnight; everyone prepared for months to put on an amazing show.
Through late nights and long rehearsals, the cast grew as a family and as individuals. As senior Max Yacker said, “I never realized how much one person can get out of the family that drama can offer.” He added, “Also, this is the most talented cast I’ve ever worked with.”
Julia Mullayev (Anna) agreed: “Drama is awesome because it brings out a creative light from everyone who is a part of it.” Lea Lubin (nun) feels that drama is “one big family” where people “really care about each other.” That doesn’t mean that The HAFTR Players are exclusive! As Susanna Horowitz (Louisa) explained, “[A] misconception about drama is that it is super cliquey. Fact: Drama is filled with awesome people who are open to everyone who wants to join.”
To me, what makes drama meaningful is the way people leave everything at the door and come together to create something exceptional.
This play, in particular, was very special. Ever since I was a freshman, I have wanted to be in The Sound of Music, and as a senior, student director, and as Captain Von Trapp, it was truly a dream come true. My involvement in the drama performances was, by far, the highlight of my experience at HAFTR. Spending time and practicing with my friends and our brilliant director, Mrs. Jen Winkler, were some of my favorite moments during the four years I spent here. And if I had the chance to do it all again, I wouldn’t change a single thing.
College Bowl Teams Finish Out a Successful Year
The HAFTR Junior Varsity College Bowl team, for the first time in three years, made it to the Long Island Regional Quiz Bowl Finals Tournament! HAFTR finished the season tied with Kellenberg High School for first place in the Western Nassau County Division, going undefeated, and in eighth place overall in The Long Island Region, which consists of 35 schools from Nassau and Suffolk County. The tournament consisted of 3 games for each of the 20 teams that made the playoffs, in order to determine the schools with the best records that would then move into the finals; HAFTR finished 2-1 and earned a place in the finals tournament. HAFTR played a strong game against North Babylon, but in the end, lost a close game. Congratulations to the team for making it as far as they did this year, and with this experience, let’s push even farther next year.
The HAFTR Junior Varsity College Bowl team also finished the Yeshiva College Bowl League season in a two-way tie with Rambam for first place in the Long Island region. The teams were invited to participate in a tie-breaker at the Jewish Education Project (JEP) headquarters in Manhattan to determine the ultimate winner of the division and the wild card for the last two available playoff spots. The team, with Captain Daniel Singer, Assistant Captains Benjamin Gettenberg, Joseph Gettenberg, and Ezra Wallach, accompanied their coach, Mr. Steven Harris, to Manhattan on April 24. HAFTR lost to Rambam in the tie-breaker in overtime and was the wild card entry as one of the top four teams in the entire league.
After they were greeted by the JEP staff and enjoyed a pizza dinner, they were ready to meet the first opponent, defending champs TABC. HAFTR fought hard against TABC, but in the end, they were unable to beat their rival, finishing the season with a very successful 9-3 record. The team, as well as the rest of us here at HAFTR High School, are very proud of their successes to date. They took the loss with great sportsmanship and will look to win the tournament next year.
We will miss our graduating seniors, Captain Brandon Arfa and Max Yacker, who finished strong with a three game winning streak in Regionals, and just missed the playoffs. For our junior varsity team, there’s always next year! Tryouts for opening spots on both teams will take place in the fall. Being a member of the college bowl team is a great way to meet friends, network with students from public and private schools, and enjoy an outlet to demonstrate all of the knowledge accumulated in a wide variety of subjects.
HAFTR Holds Successful Spring Blood Drive
HAFTR High School held its annual Spring blood drive for the New York Blood Center on Tuesday, April 30 in the Scott Satran Arena. Students, teachers, parents, and community members were invited to come and participate in the blood drive, and over 45 pints of blood were collected. Since each donation saves 3 lives, over 135 lives were saved! Many students volunteered to walk donors to the food station, set up the gym, and keep refilling the snack table. Thank you to everyone who helped make this day a huge success!
Students Enter New York Recycles Poster Contest
Students in the Art Institute Studio I class have entered a poster contest sponsored by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The students who participated are Sophie Blank, Ahuva Cohen, Emma Gilbert, Sophia Goldschlag, Ari Gurvitch, Ellinore Hazan, Estee Hofman, Hannah Katz, Chase Morgenstern, Julia Mulleyev, Gaya Ohana, Leor Oved, Rachelle Pollack, Naomi Rokosz, Bella Shema, and Nadav Waxman. They had a choice of seven themes to illustrate which were all related to saving our environment. The winners’ artwork will be featured in the organization’s yearly calendar. Good luck to our artists.
Mazal Tov to the Class of 2019 Scholars
HAFTR High School extends warmest congratulations to this year's scholars who will be recognized at the yeshiva’s commencement ceremonies at York College on June 5.
The class of 2019 Valedictorian is Amanda Vaysman, and the Salutatorian is Abigail Goldberg. The Distinguished Scholars awards will be presented to Brandon Arfa, Margot Bokor, Jillian Mestel; the Outstanding Scholars awardees are Jonathan Goldschlag, Olivia Gluck, and Yali Miller.
Amanda Vaysman, this year's valedictorian, is an outstanding student who has been a leader in student life as well as community activities. President of the Deah Chapter of the National Honor Society, Amanda is also co-President of YUNMUN, a delegate to the Yeshiva League Model Congress, and an active participant in JUMP (through NCSY) and Yachad. For the past four years, she has engaged in original research in HAFTR’s Science and Engineering Institute. In addition, Amanda has served as a volunteer at both South Brooklyn Medical Plaza and Seagirt Medical Plaza. Next year, Amanda will attend New York Institute of Technology and will be in the BS/Doctor of Osteopathy Program.
Abigail Goldberg, this year’s salutatorian, is distinguished by her academic achievement and her full engagement in school leadership, chesed and activism. She is involved in Torah Bowl, Math Team, I-Shine, Tomchei Shabbos, Model UN, the Science and Engineering Institute, Debate Team, Yachad, Write on for Israel and NORPAC. Next year Abigail will learn in Israel at Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim; the following year she will attend the Honors Program at Yeshiva University's Stern College for Women.
College Guidance Updates
Recently, students in the junior class had the chance to meet with representative from New York University and learn about all of the opportunities available to them. Our students were able to hear about the Steinhardt School of Education, The School of Liberal Studies, the Stern School of Business, The College of Arts and Sciences, the Tisch School of the Arts, and the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. In addition, we heard about Jewish life on campus, admission requirements, and the various clubs and activities available.
Mrs. Joan Parmet, Director of College Guidance, and Mr. Steven Harris, Associate Director of College Guidance, recently attended a High School Counselors’ breakfast at the Macaulay Honors College building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Various speakers explained the application process and what each school is looking for in the essays. As Macaulay Honors College at CUNY offers many advantages, and, of course, has free tuition, there is always a tremendous amount of interest. Current students also spoke about what Macaulay has done for them and for their futures.
Ms. Mara Steinberg, Guidance Counselor, recently attended an afternoon conference with Rutgers University, University of Maryland and Penn State University. Representatives of each college detailed the admissions criteria and application process for their schools. The officials highlighted the programs their colleges offer, student life on each campus, and other opportunities that are available to their students.
Boys’ Shabbaton Provides Inspiration for Students
By Matthew Jedwab, grade 11
The boys of HAFTR High School travelled to Connecticut on Friday, March 29, for a beautiful weekend of bonding and camaraderie. The festivities began with a fun-filled day of activities on Friday and concluded on Saturday night, following an extremely meaningful and uplifting Shabbat. The weekend, or Shabbaton, was a great chance for students to unwind before what is sure to be the most stressful time of the academic year. 
On Friday, students arrived at Chelsea Piers in Stamford, Connecticut. Once there, students found that there were many activities for them to choose from. Some enjoyed playing in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament with and against their peers and Rabbis, while others enjoyed football, frisbee, and soccer. At one point, a game of Jenga became so intense that a large crowd gathered to witness how long the unstable tower would take to fall. After spending several hours at Chelsea Piers, the fun continued at a nearby ice rink. Spirits were high as students wound down the day, relishing the opportunity to socialize with their friends and participate in many different enjoyable activities.
The HAFTR boys then checked in to the Crowne Plaza in Stamford, for what turned out to be a very fun and meaningful Shabbat. The boys ushered in Shabbat on Friday night with a beautiful prayer/davening service which included singing and dancing, followed by a meaningful speech from guest speaker Rabbi Doniel Staum. The remainder of the weekend included otherdivrei torah, or words of Torah, given by both students and Rebbeim, along with beautiful Zemirot Shabbat (Shabbat songs) that were both lively and inspiring.
The memorable weekend concluded with a moving havdalah service, a religious ceremony that marks the end of Shabbat. The boys especially enjoyed the singing in the havdalah service led by Rabbi Moshe Greene, as he played along on his guitar. The students expressed their great appreciation to Mr. Josh Wyner, Associate Principal, Rabbi Yitz Riselsheimer, Dean of Judaic Studies, and Rabbi Ira Wallach, Judaic Studies Coordinator, for leading the Shabbaton and providing the boys with the opportunity to strengthen their bonds with each other as well as with their Rebbeim.
The Nathan Family Donates Sefer Torah to HAFTR High School 
Students, administrators, rabbis, faculty, families and friends recently welcomed a new Sefer Torah donated to HAFTR High School by the Nathan family. The school community celebrated by dancing to music as they escorted the new Sefer Torah up Locust Avenue and onto the lawn in front of the yeshiva’s main entrance on Central Avenue on Monday, March 11.  Mr. Cal Nathan, current parent and board member, was inspired to donate the Sefer Torah when he came to daven with his son Matthew at the high school. “There were only two Torah scrolls. Matthew said it would be so nice to have another as we really need one here at the high school,” Mr. Nathan said.
Mr. Cal and Dr. Janine Nathan are active in the broader community and in our yeshiva. They have four children: Matthew is a junior at HAFTR, Ellie is in 8th grade and Erin is in 4th grade. HAFTR graduate, Brian, attends the University of Michigan and flew in for the occasion, along with his mentor, Rabbi Fully Eisenberger of the Jewish Resource Center at Michigan. Following the joyous dancing with the Torah, students heard a short presentation and D’var Torah by Rav Beit Sefer Rabbi Aaron Feigenbaum, and enjoyed refreshments sponsored by the Nathans.
HAFTR Mock Trial Team Wins Two Trials
The HAFTR Mock Trial team emerged victorious in not one, but two trials in this year’s tournament. First, on March 11, the team served as respondent in a case competing against Herricks High School. Our counsel, led by Jonathan Lederer, Emily Silverstein and Aidan Schechter, did a fantastic job mesmerizing the courtroom with their skilled questioning and cogent arguments. The witnesses, played by Eytan Libkind, Mia Mordowitz and Jeffrey Wolberg, sold the case by making it clear that Ms. Harley Davidson, the character in question, was not entitled to her aunt’s rent stabilized apartment. 
On March 13, the team claimed another win, this time serving as the petitioner rivaling Jericho High School. Our counsel, led by David Lederer, Jonathan Lederer and Molly Vashovsky, outsmarted and outshined the representatives from Jericho. Our witnesses: Jeremy Haviv, Kaily Mermelstein and Ezra Wallach, believably convinced the courtroom that Mr. Harley Davidson (played by Ezra Wallach), did in fact deserve to be granted his aunt’s rent stabilized apartment. Ultimately, the judge ruled in favor of the petitioner, and sent the HAFTR Mock Trial team into the Quarter Finals. Thank you to our dedicated coaches and advisors: Mr. Aharonoff, Mr. Altman, Mrs. Altman, Mr. Cohen, Hon. David Kirschner, Ms. Lillien and Mr. Wallach.
HAFTR Students Win ‘Best Ensemble’ at Shakespeare Festival Competition
By Jonathan Harris, grade 10
Students in the HAFTR High School Shakespeare Club attended the Shakespeare Festival at Hofstra University on Thursday, March 7, to perform a 12-minute scene from Shakespeare's “The Taming of the Shrew.” Students received the casting in September, and have been preparing for the competition all year. HAFTR students competed against students from Calhoun High School in Merrick and Central High School in Valley Stream in hopes of winning awards in different categories such as Best Actress, Best Ensemble, and Best Actor.
The program began with students being divided into different groups to take classes that specialized in different subjects. One group participated in Shakespearean Improvisation, a class that helped with improving actors improvisation skills. Another group participated in Stage Combat, a class that taught students how to fight on stage without getting hurt, while making the fight look as realistic as possible. The final group participated in Shakespearean Voice and Speech, a class that taught students how to speak with a Shakespearean dialect.
The next portion of the day brought students to the John Cranford Adams Playhouse to see the students of the Hofstra Drama Department perform “What Fools!,” a 1950s adaptation of the Shakespeare's “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” condensed down to a one hour performance. The students watched and learned how these actors got into character and even applied some of the information learned in the classes from earlier in the day. At the end of the show, the students participated in a Talk Back with the cast and the director of the play.
Following some quick tech rehearsals and a delicious lunch, the students from each school performed their scenes. The students from HAFTR High School put on an outstanding performance. After the performances, awards were given out and HAFTR won the award for ‘Best Ensemble,’ an award that is given to a cast that showed they had a thorough understanding of the text and were engaged in active listening throughout the scene. The HAFTR Shakespeare Club would like to thank Mrs. Alexandra Thomas for her direction and guidance, and Mrs. Emily Comack for joining us on the trip and supporting us throughout the day.
Big Sibs Bond with Little Sibs on Bowling Trip
Students in HAFTR High School’s Big Sib program enjoyed a trip to Woodmere Lanes on Wednesday, March 6. This trip provided a great opportunity for students to bond with schoolmates while engaging in some good-natured competition. The Big Sibs program is designed to help freshmen experience a smooth transition to high school-- each freshman is paired with a senior who checks in with them and supports them throughout the school year. The big and little sibs had a fantastic time and look forward to their next outing!
Stress Management Workshops for Sophomores
HAFTR High School’s school social worker, Mrs. Rivka Cohen, and school psychologist, Dr. Tara Klestzick, recently presented small-group workshops to our 10th graders on the topic of stress management. The students were asked to think about the positives and negatives of having stress in one’s life. While it was easy to think of many negatives, students also recognized some of the positives, such as stress as a motivator. Next, the students shared some of their most common causes of stress; tests, assignments, and social issues were the most popular choices. The students worked in groups to come up with various ways to cope with stress in a healthy way. This led into a discussion about the benefits of mindfulness--a method for reducing stress that focuses on the present moment. Students are looking forward to using what they learned to help manage stress in a healthy way going forward.
AIPAC Brings Students to Washington, D.C.
By David Lederer, grade 11
A group of HAFTR students rose bright and early to travel to Washington D.C. on Sunday, March 24. Their destination was the Washington Convention Center, where they joined 18,000 Americans in lobbying efforts to maintain a strong American-Israel relationship. AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is a lobbying group that advocates for pro-Israel policies to the Congress and Executive Branch of the United States government. The students’ objective in attending AIPAC was to show their strong support for Israel outside of the classroom. Students arrived on Sunday morning, where they attended the first general session. It was there that the Romanian Prime Minister announced she would be relocating the Romanian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. 18,000 people in the audience jumped out of their seats in unison and exuberantly applauded. This gesture exemplified how people from all walks of life and from across the political spectrum could come together to stand for a cause they passionately believe in. This news boosted morale and set the tone for the upcoming days.
On Monday and Tuesday, AIPAC heard from numerous world leaders and congressmen, such as Vice President Michael Pence, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer, American Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senators Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz. Due to an unfortunate attack in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to cut his trip to America short and return to Israel before giving his remarks in person at AIPAC. Instead, he delivered his speech on Tuesday morning via satellite. Throughout Sunday and Monday, participants had the option of attending collaborative sessions, panels or lectures focused on fascinating topics ranging from the success of Israel’s technological sector to Israel’s external threats posed by rocket fire and tunnels. The sessions explored the symbiotic relationship between America and Israel, and how they contribute to each other technologically and militarily. Some main talking points throughout the event were the United States’ assistance in funding Israel’s defense systems, such as the Iron Dome, as well as Iran’s dangerously fast growing influence in the region.
On Tuesday, the students participated in the main event at AIPAC: lobbying. In the morning, the lobbying groups were debriefed on AIPAC’s legislative goals and were sent off to their assigned representatives to reinforce the America-Israel alliance. There were three key legislative issues on AIPAC’s agenda which involved curbing the BDS movement, supporting assistance for Israel and foreign aid, and opposing Iranian aggression and their malign activity. The HAFTR students headed down to Capitol Hill where they were assigned to a group that spoke with United States Representative Kathleen Rice, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and Senator Chuck Schumer's staff. We urged the representatives to cosponsor H.Res. 246—a bipartisan anti-BDS resolution authored by Reps. Brad Schneider (D-IL) and Lee Zeldin (R-NY), Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and Ann Wagner (R-MO). Additionally, we requested that the representatives co-sponsor the U.S.-Israel Cooperation Enhancement and Regional Security Act (H.R. 1837)—authored by Reps. Ted Deutch (D-FL) and Joe Wilson (R-SC), in order to back full security assistance to Israel, including cooperative U.S.-Israel missile defense programs. Lastly, we encouraged them to sign a bipartisan letter to the president—authored by Rep. Eliot Engel, Sen. Jim Risch, Sen. Robert Menendez and Rep. Michael McCaul—highlighting the mounting threats on Israel’s northern border from Iran's presence in Syria and Hezbollah presence in Lebanon. The letter further underscored Israel’s right to self-defense and supported increased pressure on Iran and Russia, with respect to their activities in Syria.
After these incredible lobbying sessions, the HAFTR students returned to New York. AIPAC provided a unique experience that allowed high school students to turn their passion for Israel into action, rather than just sitting on the sidelines. It was an experience full of invaluable memories and ignited a voracious drive in all attendees to further advocate for Israel.
Girls’ Torah Bowl Team Ranks Third Overall
By Abigail Goldberg, grade 12
The Girls’ Torah Bowl Team set out to Shalhevet High School for Girls on Monday, March 11, for their final meet of the year. The team dressed in hippie attire in order to get into the spirit of Adar. Going into the Torah Bowl Playoffs, HAFTR was ranked fourth in the league. This meant that in order to qualify for the championship, HAFTR needed to beat the three teams ranked higher. HAFTR's first match ended in an effortless victory of 14-2, and the next round ended in a stunning victory for HAFTR with a score of 11-6! The next match was a tough one for HAFTR, and at the end of the game, the score was tied. This meant that the teams had to compete in a tie-breaker round to determine the winner. Unfortunately, HAFTR did not win this round-- but they put forth their best effort. We are so proud of the Girls’ Torah Bowl Team for doing so well this year, ending the season ranked third overall!
Students Visit the Nassau County Museum of Art
Students in the Art Institute program at HAFTR visited the Nassau County Museum of Art in Roslyn on February 19. The first exhibit viewed was at the Manes Center, which is a new space on the grounds of the museum. This gallery and the works within it were donated by Dr. Harvey Manes, whose personal art collection ranges from the Renaissance to Contemporary Art. Some of the pieces in the exhibit included work by Warhol, Vasarely, Chagall, Picasso, and Dali. From there, the students walked up the path to the museum, admiring the sculptures that are found on the grounds of the museum. The show at the museum, which was called “That 80’s Show,” featured works by famous artists who created art during that era. Some of these artists included Eric Fischl, April Gornik, Julian Schnabel, David Salle, Ross Bleckner, Bryan Hunt, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Cindy Sherman, and Robert Maplethorpe. The overall theme of the exhibit depicted how the artists expressed their views relating to social issues of the 1980s. The students were very enthusiastic about the show and discussed their ideas, interpretations, and personal opinions of the artwork. Learning to understand and critique art is an important aspect of the Art Institute program at HAFTR.
HAFTR Students Rock Out at Battle of the Bands
By Jeffrey Wolberg, grade 11
The HAFTR band participated in the Battle of the Bands at the Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School on Tuesday, March 12. Six HAFTR students comprised the band: guitarists Alan Vashovsky and Sam Berkowitz; bass player Ben Flores; drummer Justin Herskowitz; pianist Jeffrey Wolberg; and vocalist Ari Gurvitch. The band played two songs for the event: “We are the Champions” by Queen and “Gold on the Ceiling” by The Black Keys.
The price of admission for this event was $15 per person, with all the proceeds benefiting the organization No Kid Hungry. This organization continuously works with schools and community programs across the country to provide resources and support to end child hunger in America. This Battle of the Bands event raised over $4,500 for No Kid Hungry. The event offered a unique opportunity for yeshiva students across the Tri-State Area to showcase their musical talents in an organized and entertaining fashion while supporting a good cause.
Model Congress Wraps Up for the Season
By Ilana Sacolick, grade 11
HAFTR hosted the last model congress tournament of the year on Monday, March 7. This was one of the biggest and most competitive tournaments that HAFTR has hosted, with 32 participants. The schools that competed were Flatbush, HAFTR, MTA, Ramaz, and SAR.
The issues discussed were relevant to politics today. Some of the topics included: medical testing on animals, tenure laws, biospecimen usage, “born alive” abortions, wages of waiters and waitresses, the start time of the school day, using part of the military budget for ICE, UN anti-israel bias, and the shortage of epipens.
In the end, Tzviki Forrgang (DRS) won first place, Josephine Schizer (Ramaz) and Gail Hafif (Ramaz) tied for second, and Nicole Muravsky (Flatbush) won third. Honorable mention went to Ilana Sacolick (HAFTR) and Matthew Morse (HAFTR).
HAFTR Hosts Yeshiva League Model Congress Tournament
By David Lederer, grade 11
HAFTR High School hosted the annual Yeshiva League Model Congress Tournament on Thursday, February 21. The Yeshiva League Model Congress has grown to include 15 participating yeshiva high schools, coming from as close as the Five Towns to as far away as New Jersey. This year, HAFTR changed the venue to accommodate the high demand for space and growing number of committees. Over 200 students showed their eagerness to compete as they arrived at Lawrence High School. The students were welcomed by HAFTR High School Principal Ms. Naomi Lippman, who thanked Model Congress Co-Presidents David Lederer, Eytan Libkind and Justin Moskowitz for their efforts on behalf of the successful program. Ms. Lippman introduced HAFTR senior Elijah Gurvitch, who spoke to the delegates about the importance of Israel advocacy and described AIPAC’s critical role in promoting and strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship. After the opening remarks, Faculty Advisor Mr. Alex Libkind reviewed the Model Congress rules with the students and sent them to their respective committee rooms.
Model Congress is a simulation of the United States Congress, in which students act as Senators and are tasked with solving a simulated challenge while following parliamentary procedure. Before the tournament, students are assigned committees and prepare drafted legislation to debate and deliberate. Since the fall, students worked to formulate their arguments and strategies to get their bills passed. A few weeks prior to the event, students received copies of proposed legislation from other delegates in their committee. They engaged in an intense period of review and analysis to prepare themselves for the deliberations in their room. Students’ arduous preparation and countless after-school practices culminated in a competitive tournament filled with politically knowledgeable, highly motivated students. 
This unique event encourages students to voice their opinions and hone their skills in public speaking. Students gave up to three-minute speeches and argued both for and against the legislation advanced by fellow Senators. Each speaker also faced a two-minute questioning period, in which competitors got to probe into the intricacies and potential weaknesses of the speaker’s arguments. The program was divided into two sessions, separated by a pizza lunch where competitors had the chance to connect with other delegates in a less formal environment.
Each student’s performance was ranked by two judges per session. Those students who scored at the top of their room were eligible for awards. The tournament awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Overall Competitors, who received plaques. In addition, each committee awarded a first speaker in committee, who was presented with a gavel, and a second committee finisher who received a medal.
Avery Wietschner, a junior at HAFTR High School, received first place in the Homeland Security Committee, proving his arguments to be solid and his bill to be bulletproof. At the end of the day, all the delegates left with their heads held high in recognition of their hard work and dedication. It was an outstanding event filled with passion, thrill, and drama, and HAFTR is already planning its tournament for next year.
Mock Trial Kicks Off First Competition of the Season with a Win
By Molly Vashovsky, grade 11
The HAFTR High School Mock Trial team had its first competition on Wednesday, February 13. This year's case is about a man named Harley Davison who is suing his town’s housing department for denying his application to take over his great aunt’s apartment after she passed away. Serving as the respondent, our talented lawyers, Aidan Schechter, Jonathan Lederer and Emily Silverstein, argued that Mr. Davison’s claim was illegitimate and that the chief investigator came to his conclusion with rational and sound basis. To do this, each lawyer used the testimony of key witnesses, who were played by Mia Mordowitz, Jeffrey Wolberg, and Eytan Libkind. Our team prepared for months for this competition season, and our efforts were not without purpose. Due to the incredible performance by our lawyers and witnesses, our team came out victorious against Great Neck North, who represented the petitioner. The Mock Trial team looks forward to an exciting and successful competition season. A special thank you to our coaches: Mr. Avrami Aharonoff, Mr. and Mrs. Altman, Mr. Cohen, Hon. David Kirschner, and our faculty advisor, Ms. Lauren Lillien.
HAFTR SciTech Students ‘Journey To The Startup Nation’
By Nava Schein, grade 10
Ten students in the 10th and 11th grade HAFTR Science & Technology program had the opportunity to visit Israel on theCIJE Journey to the Startup Nation. This eight-day trip, organized and run by the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education and Go-Inspire, highlighted why Israel is known for its advances in technology. The HAFTR students were part of a delegation of 60 students from yeshiva high schools across the country who joined the mission, led by Mrs. Judy Lebovits, vice president and director of CIJE. Students experienced a behind-the-scenes look at startups, businesses, and companies that use technology to make their products. Students visited companies such as Mobileye, a company that develops vision-based advanced driver-assistance systems which provide warnings for collision prevention and mitigation; Mazor Robotics, an Israeli medical device company and a manufacturer of a robotic guidance systems for spine surgery; and Netafim-Drip Irrigation, who manufactures and distributes crop-management technologies, including monitoring and control systems, dosing systems, and crop management software. Students also had the opportunity to visit Israel's Technion University's Biorobotics and Biomechanics Lab. In the lab, they are in the process of creating a robotic hand for children who don’t have hand function. The microcontroller used to make this hand function is called Arduino, which is the same microcontroller used in HAFTR’s SciTech class! This trip to Israel gave these ten students the opportunity to see Israel from a new, technologically advanced, perspective.
HAFTR Places First in Boys’ Torah Bowl Division Match
The Boys’ Torah Bowl team to the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County (HANC) travelled on Thursday, March 7, for the Eastern Division playoff round. After the Yeshiva of Flatbush and North Shore Hebrew Academy were eliminated from the competition, HAFTR’s Torah Bowl team members were victorious in two out of the three rounds against HANC. HAFTR will now move on to the championship round, which will be held after Pesach. The members of the winning Boys’ Torah Bowl team are Daniel Singer, Gabe Kurlander, Ezra Wallach, Joseph Gettenberg, Benjamin Gettenberg, Ezra Stern, Sammy Tisser, Elijah Gurvitch and Brandon Arfa. Congratulations to this outstanding group of young Torah scholars and their faculty advisor, Rabbi Hirtz, on this wonderful accomplishment. 
AP Biology Students Venture to the DNA Laboratories Learning Center
By Ariella Levin and Emily Bengelsdorf, grade 11
Mrs. Akerman’s AP Biology class went on an exciting and educational trip to the DNA Laboratories Learning Center in Lake Success on Monday, February 25. The students performed hands-on experiments involving genetics and biotechnology. The two experiments consisted of analyzing gel electrophoresis bands and the insertion of recombinant plasmids into bacteria (E. Coli) cells. This experience allowed students to expand their biology knowledge by observing demonstrations outside the classroom. It also showed students how advanced biotechnology has become. Students were thrilled with their experimental results and it effectively gave students an educational experience to remember. A big thank you to Mrs. Akerman for organizing this unique learning experience!
HAFTR Students Debate Justification for Sanctuary Cities
HAFTR hosted its second Extemporaneous Debate Tournament on Tuesday, January 8, which featured 23 students from HAFTR, Lawrence, Lynbrook, Ramaz, and SKA High Schools.  The topic was ripped from the headlines: "Resolved: In the United States sanctuary cities are just." Students had 30 minutes to prepare, and all students had to debate both sides of the topic. Students could compete as a two-person team or individually. Each round was approximately 15 minutes and students debated 4 rounds with a final 5th round play-off between the two top teams.
First place was awarded to Eytan Libkind (HAFTR), who went 5-0; Joshua Santoro & Nick Cupobianco (Lynbrook) took second place with a record of 4-1; third place was given to teams that went 3-1, including Natan Goldschlag & Elijah Gurvitch (HAFTR), Gail Hafif & Josephine Schizer (Ramaz), Breindy Burger (SKA), and Racheli Gottesman & Devorah Gottesman (HAFTR).
Student Writers Take a Trip to Adelphi University for “Press Day”
By Lulu Morse, grade 9
Writers for the HAFTR Tattler and other student publications on Long Island recently attended Adelphi University’s annual journalism event, Press Day. This fascinating day was divided into two main events. The first of these events centered around a panel study that focused on the present and future challenges in the field of journalism. This study helped the student participants to understand the importance of journalistic integrity. Panelists expounded on various writing methods, and student participants were given the opportunity to improve their writing styles.
The afternoon was spent in breakout groups that were tailored to meet the needs of the participants. The sessions, which were comprised of teachers and students, laid focus upon topics such as the shift in journalism to online/social media platforms, advice on ideas and organization of written articles, and, of course, the guidelines necessary to ensure that integrity remains in the forefront of every written article. The rewarding day concluded with a delicious lunch sponsored by Adelphi University, followed by the Quill Awards presentation, given to students with noteworthy publications. Thank you to our faculty advisor, Ms. Samantha Accurso, for a wonderful and enriching day.
Senior Sports Literature Class Takes Trip to Hofstra University
Mrs. Beach’s Senior Sports and Literature class took a trip to Hofstra University on Thursday, February 7, to speak to members of the Hofstra Basketball Team’s coaching and support staff, and to test out their interview skills.
The class was first introduced to Assistant Basketball Coach Mike Farrelly, who told them about his career path and detailed the Pride’s 16-game winning streak, which was the longest active run in the country until it was snapped five days earlier. The seniors asked questions regarding the Pride’s playoff hopes as well as several about the team’s leading scorer Justin Wright-Foreman (often referred to by fans as “JWF”), his accolades thus far in the season, and his NBA prospects. 
Students were then introduced to Sports Information Director Stephen Gorchov. Mr. Gorchov explained his role in media relations and the specific challenges and rewards that come hand in hand with a 21-4 (to date) record, the recently ended win streak, and the 16 consecutive home wins that have resulted in sellout crowds at the “Mack,” Hofstra’s sports arena. He answered questions regarding the increasing number of scouts coming to games to watch JWF and the Pride’s increasingly frequent appearances on ESPN Sports Center, the most recent a #1 spot on the Top 10 List for junior guard Eli Pemberton’s unlikely 82-foot bucket at the halftime buzzer at James Madison.
Students stayed on to observe part of the team practice. They also had the opportunity to return to Hofstra for the team’s game against Towson on February 21, and Mrs. Beach’s students were able to test their sports writing skills by writing game stories on the contest.
Back to the Drawing Board
Tenth grade students in the Art Institute program under the direction of Mrs. Dale Malekoff are back to doodling. They have been creating artwork for the Doodle4Google contest. This year’s theme is “When I grow up I hope…” Some of the artwork illustrated issues concerning science and space exploration, empowerment, the environment, equality, and world peace. The students created pieces that show that inspiration is all around you. The winning doodler’s artwork will be featured on the U.S. Google homepage for one day. The National winner will receive a $30,000 college scholarship to be used at the school of his or her choice and a trip to Mountain View, California for the award ceremony. The winner’s school will receive a $50,000 grant for technology programming. There are also prizes for finalists and state winners. Best of luck to our aspiring artists!
Students Participate in YUNMUN
HAFTR High School sent ten students to represent the school at Yeshiva University National Model United Nations (YUNMUN) on Sunday, February 10. Yeshiva high school students from around the world gathered at the Stamford Plaza Hotel and Conference Center in Stamford, Connecticut for the occasion. Playing the role of Russian and Iraqi ambassadors, HAFTR’s students participated in twelve hours of rigorous debates discussing how to solve world problems, ranging from world hunger to nuclear proliferation. During these committee sessions, our students worked with other representatives to draft the best possible resolutions to the problems in front of them. Throughout the three-day event, our students built relationships and strengthened friendships with Orthodox Jews from as far away as South Africa. YUNMUN provided HAFTR’s students the opportunity to learn the processes and challenges facing the United Nations, while being able to enjoy the experience of socializing and engaging with others.
HAFTR College Bowl Team Wins the Cerebral Palsy of Nassau County's Annual College Bowl Fundraiser, and Goes Undefeated in Regional!
HAFTR participated in the annual College Bowl tournament on Thursday, February 28th, at a special facility for children with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a disorder that causes partial paralysis, and makes it difficult for the person with this disability to move many of their muscles. Each year, schools from all over Long Island meet at the Cerebral Palsy of Nassau County's annual College Bowl fundraiser. This year, the finals came down to HAFTR vs Rambam. Before the tournament began, a short film was presented, showing the amazing work CP Nassau does to bring awareness and assistance to the many people with Cerebral Palsy. 
During the tournament, HAFTR and Rambam were tied after 4 rounds, but then, HAFTR caught a break and Rambam could not answer the 5th question. HAFTR was able to answer the question, which put them up by 4 points going into the final round. Both teams answered the final question correctly, and with a score of 11-7, HAFTR's College Bowl team was declared the winner, bringing the CP trophy back to HAFTR. The team, captain Brandon Arfa, Joseph Gettenberg, Benjamin Gettenberg, Daniel Singer, and MVP, Ezra Wallach, had a great time competing and learning more about Cerebral Palsy.
The teams have also competed in two Regional League matches, with both teams winning their matches against Schechter and East Rockaway. The undefeated JV team continued to dominate their opponents this season, winning by an average of 75 points per match, and currently sitting in 10th place in all of Long Island. We are looking forward to future success in our last two Yeshiva League matches and our last Regional match, B’ezrat Hashem, in the coming month.
“Pink Day” Held to Benefit Sharsheret
By Ayelet Kerstein and Elizabeth Friedman, grade 10
Sharsheret Pink Day is a worldwide initiative by students to raise awareness about breast cancer and cancer genetics and to help save lives. Students are encouraged to wear pink as a way to generate meaningful conversation, and we mark this day with a wide range of educational and fundraising events. In honor of this day, held on Wednesday, February 13, HAFTR had the privilege to hear from Mrs. Rebecca Cohen, the Long Island outreach coordinator for Sharsheret. Mrs. Cohen showed a video and spoke to students about Sharsheret’s programs and support services for women with breast cancer and their families. In the video, many women spoke about how this organization has been extremely valuable to them during such a difficult time. Following the speaker, students raised money by selling pink lemonade, pink frosted donuts and manicure services. They also held a raffle auctioning off various items and gift certificates from local stores and restaurants. Students got in the spirit of the day when they entered the building and it was decked out with pink decor. Many students wore pink or purchased a custom designed t-shirt that read “Real Hawks Wear Pink” with all proceeds to benefit Sharsharet. Overall, it was a wonderfully impactful day!
HAFTR’s Big Sibs Host a Sensitivity Training Program with Yachad
By Rebecca Wenger and Eden Hirmes, grade 12
Last week, Yachad visited HAFTR High School and ran a sensitivity training for our big and little sibs! During this visit, Yachad ran interactive workshops and simulations to help us understand the experience of a person with special needs. After discussing what the students already knew about autism, the Yachad program directors shared that autism is a condition which heightens all of the senses at once, thus making it harder for people with autism to perform basic day-to-day activities. To simulate this experience, a student was then selected to build a tinker toy tower, while having all five of his senses overwhelmed. A freshman boy volunteered to build the tower, attempting to do so while his classmates were yelling, shoving food in his face, poking at him, putting scents near his nose, and flashing lights in his face. It took this boy an incredibly long time to build the tower, demonstrating how it must feel having a disorder like autism. At the close of the simulation, the room got quiet and we could tell everyone was processing what had just happened. This activity allowed us to put ourselves in the shoes of a person with special needs, proving to be quite an eye opening experience for everyone involved.  
Another exercise in which we engaged was playing the game “Headbands,” but with a twist - the words they put on our foreheads were different experiences of people with special needs. While playing this game, we did not know what it said on our own forehead, but we had to walk around the room and act out the qualities listed on other people’s foreheads. Some examples of the displayed experiences were “treat me like you are scared of me,” “speak to me as if I am a child,” “do not make eye contact with me.” This activity really had an affect on us. It helped to illuminate the fact that sometimes you don’t even notice you are doing these things or acting this way towards people, but it is still wrong and hurtful. We learned that even if someone looks different on the outside, every human being is a person with feelings just like us, and they want to fit in like everyone else. This experience with Yachad helped to show us that we should all think twice about the way we speak or act towards any person, especially a person with special needs.
The next week, HAFTR put the lessons we learned in the sensitivity training to work. We were privileged to invite a handful of Yachad day-hab workers to HAFTR, where we enjoyed pizza, made pink bracelets, and designed cards for patients with breast cancer, in honor of Pink Day, which took place the following day. The event was a success and we can’t wait to do many more events in the future and help to make the world a more sensitive and inclusive place for all!
Hofstra Drama Students Perform for HAFTR Freshmen and Sophomores
By Jordana Mastour, grade 10
Hofstra University drama students visited HAFTR on Friday, February 22, to perform their one-hour rendition of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream. The play, entitled What Fools! was taken out of the context of ancient Greece and set in the 1950s comic-book, science-fiction style. The production allowed for students who have read or will read the play to further their understanding by seeing the characters come alive rather than simply reading the script. Taking the play out of the classroom and onto the stage allowed students to visualize the scenes. Even though students may not have understood every word of the dialogue, the humor was not lost on them, due to the physical comedy of the players. After the performance, students were able to interact with the actors by asking questions. Many students who don't particularly like Shakespeare’s plays on paper enjoyed the show- which demonstrates how the themes and characters are timeless and can appeal to every generation.
HAFTR Chess Team Wins Intense Match
By David Lederer, grade 11
HAFTR’s Chess Team was victorious in an intense match against Yeshivah of Flatbush last week. The students played fourteen games of chess, winning 11-3. The meet took place in the HAFTR High School library, where they played their games simultaneously, heightening intensity and at times gathering an audience.The players used professional clocks and abided by tournament rules. The rules give each player 30 minutes to complete their entire game and forces one to move a piece once touched. Each player from HAFTR played two games against an opponent from Flatbush, one playing white and one playing black, totaling 14 games. At the end of the match, HAFTR dominated the scoreboard, winning 11 games and losing just three. This victory gives the HAFTR team a shot at the playoffs and possibly the title. HAFTR’s team consists of many dedicated members who occasionally practice after school or during club hour. For the past two years, HAFTR has partaken in the Metropolitan Yeshiva Chess Tournament, which includes a vast array of yeshivas such as Rambam, DRS, Frisch, SAR, and Ramaz. Last year, HAFTR’s first year in the league, the team made it to the championships, just coming short of bringing home the trophy. This year, HAFTR looks to return to the finals, but will first need to win their next match. Their next opponent will be determined shortly, which will be followed by the playoffs.
Girls JV Basketball Team Wins Championship
Warmest congratulations to the Girls JV Basketball Team on their undefeated season and Championship win against SAR on Thursday evening, March 7. Special thanks to coaches Jelleah Sidney and Neil Wiener!
Ms. Naomi Lippman, Principal
Mr. Josh Wyner, Associate Principal