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Religious Philosophy

As a Modern Orthodox Yeshiva, HAFTR promotes a religious philosophy that is predicated on  creating a caring and vibrant atmosphere conducive to learning and a spirited fulfillment of  mitzvot. We strive to integrate Limudei Kodesh and general studies so students can develop  authentic relationships with Hashem, Torah, the Jewish people, the Land of Israel, and the  world at large. 

We seek to instill in our students an appreciation of Hashem’s presence in all apsects of their  lives, for we believe that the study of the world – be it the arts, the sciences, technology or  history – directly serves to strengthen that appreciation. We affirm that the Torah is a living  blueprint for a spiritually meaningful way of life that provides a precious anchor in the midst of a  rapidly changing world. 

We seek to inspire and challenge our students with an interdisciplinary educational approach  that is relevant to our students’ lives in the 21st century. This includes rigorous study and  analysis of sacred texts, Jewish history, Jewish ethics, personal prayer and observance, civic  responsibility, the importance of community, Hebrew language fluency, and the inseparable  bond between the Jewish people and the Jewish State of Israel. HAFTR emphasizes a  passionate commitment to the Jewish values of derech eretz (proper way to act), simchat  hachaim (joy of life), kavod habriot (human diginity), tzedakah (charity), and gemilut chasadim (acts of kindness). HAFTR seeks to graduate students who are Jewish leaders, knowledgeable  and proud of their Judaism, and who are committed members of Klal Yisrael and the global  community.