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Learning Support

Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)
An IEP is an Individualized Educational Plan developed for a special education student. The Lawrence School District serves as the District of Location for HAFTR, and provides related services providers (e.g., resource room teachers, speech and language pathologists, school psychologists) who are placed at HAFTR Middle School. The IEP is updated annually with delineated achievable goals by a team that includes a learning specialist, a general education teacher, and a student’s family member. It addresses a student’s strengths and challenges, as well as a time frame for achieving certain benchmarks.

All teachers who serve students with an IEP will be informed of the contents of that student’s IEP, as well of a student’s strengths, weaknesses, accommodations and modifications. If you have any questions about your child’s IEP or related services (e.g., resource room, speech therapy, occupational therapy, or counseling) please speak to the Director of Student Services, Dr. Yali Werzberger. If you have any questions about your child’s classroom or testing accommodations (e.g., extended time, copy of class notes) please contact  Alison Braverman.

504 Accommodations
A 504 accommodation is a modification for a student with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. While most 504s provide testing accommodations, there are a range of accommodations that are addressed by 504s, including the use of assistive technology, additional time for class transitions, and preferential seating.

For any questions regarding your child’s 504 Plan, or if you think you child may meet eligibility for a 504 Plan, please contact Dr. Yali Werzberger.

Resource Room
Resource room is a pull-out support provided through the Lawrence School District for students who are eligible based on their IEPs. The primary focus of resource room is to remediate students’ lagging skills through addressing their IEP goals. Often, this is accomplished through utilizing the curriculum that our students are accessing in the general education classroom. Students who receive resource room are exempt from a Judaic Studies class, and are provided with resource room class at that time. The resource room teacher is placed at HAFTR Middle School through the Lawrence School District, and is an integral member of HAFTR’s special education team, working alongside other professionals to ensure that each student is appropriately supported.

Learning Center
The Learning Center is a HAFTR provided support for students who struggle academically. The primary focus of Learning Center is to provide students with additional support in their General Studies content area classes. Learning Center teachers pre-teach, re-teach, scaffold, and modify material to ensure that each child can effectively access the material they are taught in the classroom. Study skills and test taking strategies are also incorporated through the content that is taught. Learning Center classes provide students with small group instruction where they learn how to develop their skills and review the General Education curriculum with the support of dedicated special education teachers.

ACES Program
The ACES Program (Academic Center for Educational Success) was founded so that students with significant academic difficulties can continue to be placed in a Yeshiva setting. In addition to district services (e.g., resource room, speech and language therapy), Achievement Center students receive intensive, targeted evidence- based support in reading and writing skills, as well as support in content areas. This instruction can be provided individually as well as in a small group. Students in the Achievement Center may often need classroom material to be modified in some manner. The Achievement Center teacher works closely with General Studies teachers to ensure that students are supported appropriately, and that students are provided with materials that are challenging, but doable.
For any questions regarding the ACES Program, please contact Ms. Esther Nahon, Director of the ACES Program.

Response-to-intervention (RTI) is support system for supporting students who are experiencing a need for support in the realms of behavior and/or academics. If you find that your children is struggling academically and/or behaviorally, please contact Dr. Yali Werzberger. HAFTR Middle School’s Pupil Personnel Team will discuss your concerns and will connect with you to make an action plan to provide more targeted supports for your child. Depending on the area of concern, these interventions may include observations, assessment, short-term counseling, or targeting support in reading comprehension. Your child’s progress will be measured, and the Pupil Personnel Team will be in touch with you regarding progress. Most of the time, students do make good progress following the initial intervention. Students who require more intensive interventions following the Tier 1 intervention, receive that support, where progress continues to be monitored. A referral to the Committee on Special Education (CSE) is made when students continue to struggle after receiving both Tier1 and Tier 2 supports.