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Faculty Directory

Below you will find a list of our HAFTR Middle School faculty members and staff.
To contact a faculty or staff member, please email or call 516-569-3370

Joshua Gold Principal [email protected]
Dr. Yali Werzberger Assistant Principal [email protected]
Nechama Landau Coordinator-Judaic Studies [email protected]
Ariana Wolfson Coordinator-Student Life arwolfs[email protected]
Einat Rabinovich Dean [email protected]
Rebecca Zweibon Comm. Coordinator/New Teacher Mentor [email protected]
Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Siff Coordinator-Student Development [email protected]
Alyson Jacobs Coordinator-Programming [email protected]
Administrative Staff    
Leslie Rappaport Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Elana Mari Administrative Assistant [email protected]
School Support Personnel    
Rabbi David Lamm Ed/Information Technology / A/V Support [email protected]
Shirley Lane Dir. Educational Technology [email protected]
Special Education Services    
Allison Braverman Coordinator-Student Services [email protected]
Esther Kirsch Director-Learning Center [email protected]
Esther Nahon Director-ACES Program [email protected]
Student Support Staff    
  School Psychologist  
Yeshaya Lieber Social Worker [email protected]
Pamela Langstein School Nurse [email protected]
English Language    
Rinat Balsam English Language Department Chair [email protected]
Jen Boccia English Teacher [email protected]
Devorah Krakauer English Teacher [email protected]
Hebrew Language    
Einat Rabinovich Hebrew (Lashon) Department Chair [email protected]
Meirav Sapir Hebrew (Lashon) Teacher [email protected]
Sivan Shachi Hebrew (Lashon) Teacher [email protected]
Judaic Studies    
Rabbi Ari Glazer Judaic Studies Teacher [email protected]
Rabbi Simcha Hopkovitz Judaic Studies Teacher [email protected]
Jennifer Hucul Judaic Studies Teacher [email protected]
Alyson Jacobs Judaic Studies Teacher [email protected]
Rabbi Ben Zion Kirsch Judaic Studies Teacher [email protected]
Rabbi Asher Klein Judaic Studies Teacher [email protected]
Rabbi Eli Portal Judaic Studies Teacher [email protected]
Rabbi Chaim Tuvia Siff Judaic Studies Teacher [email protected]
Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Siff Judaic Studies Teacher [email protected]
Emma Strulowitz Judaic Studies Teacher
Tamara Farber Math Department Chair [email protected]
Tova Reisman Math Teacher [email protected]
Evelyn Weiss Math Teacher [email protected]
Gittel Grant Science Department Chair/STEM [email protected]
Steve Seiff Science Teacher [email protected]
Ashley Alibayof Science Teacher [email protected]
Social Studies    
Rebecca Zweibon Social Studies Department Chair [email protected]
Daniel Stroock Social Studies Teacher [email protected]
Ariana Wolfson Social Studies Teacher [email protected]
Physical Education    
Rachel Stahler Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Sharon Rothchild Physical Education Teacher [email protected]