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Hebrew Academy of Five Towns & Rockaway
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Faculty Directory

Below you will find a list of our HAFTR Middle School faculty members and staff.

To contact a faculty or staff member, please call 516-569-3370

Mr. Joshua Gold Principal
Dr. Yali Werzberger Director of Guidance & Pupil Personnel Services
Mrs. Nechama Landau Coordinator of Judaic Studies
Ms. Ariana Wolfson Coordinator of Student Life
Mrs. Einat Rabinovich Dean
Ms. Rebecca Zweibon Coordinator of Communication / New Teacher Mentor
Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Siff Coordinator of Student Development
Alyson Jacobs Coordinator or Programming
Administrative Staff  
Ms. Leslie Rappaport Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Elana Mari Administrative Assistant
School Support Personnel  
Rabbi David Lamm Information Technology / Audio Visual Support
Rabbi Baruch Noy Director of Educational Technology
Special Education Services  
Ms. Esther Nahon Director of ACES Program
Ms. Sarah Borodach Coordinator of Student Services
Mrs. Esther Kirsch Director of the Learning Center
Student Support Staff  
Dr. Bracha Kasirer School Psychologist
Mr. Brian Levkovich School Psychologist
Mr. Yeshaya Lieber Social Worker
Mrs. Allison Richman Social Worker
Mrs. Rachel Stahler Social Worker
Mrs. Jaine Landman School Nurse
English Language  
Mrs. Rinat Balsam English Language Department Chair
 Mr. Brent Owens  English Teacher
Mrs. Devorah Krakauer English Teacher
Hebrew Language (Lashon)  
Mrs. Einat Rabinovich Hebrew (Lashon) Department Chair
Mrs. Sivan Shachi Hebrew (Lashon) Teacher
Mrs. Meirav Sapir Hebrew (Lashon) Teacher
Judaic Studies  
Rabbi Simcha Hopkovitz Judaic Studies Teacher
Rabbi Ari Glazer Judaic Studies Teacher
Mrs.Jennifer Hucul Judaic Studies Teacher
Ms. Alyson Jacobs Judaic Studies Teacher
Rabbi Ben Zion Kirsch Judaic Studies Teacher
Rabbi Eli Portal Judaic Studies Teacher
Rebbetzin Sori Teitelbaum Judaic Studies Teacher
Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Siff Judaic Studies Teacher
Rabbi Chaim Tuvia Siff Judaic Studies Teacher
Mrs. Tamara farber Math Department Chair
Ms. Tova Reisman Math Teacher
Mrs. TEvelyn Weiss Math Teacher
Physical Education  
Mrs. Rachel Stahler Physical Education Teacher
Mrs. Jennifer Hucul Physical Education Teacher
Mrs. Gittel Grant Science Department Chair/STEM
Ms. Grace Staudt Science Teacher
Mrs. Ashley Alibayof Science Teacher
Social Studies  
Ms. Rebecca Zweibon Social Studies Department Chair
Mr. Daniel Stroock Social Studies Teacher
Ms. Ariana Wolfson Social Studies Teacher