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Middle School Instructional Focus

HAFTR’s Middle School educators and school leaders are unified in common purpose:
  • We are committed to developing each student’s capacity for academic and  intellectual achievement. 
  • We are committed to developing each student’s capacity to learn both  individually and collaboratively.  
  • We are committed to developing each student’s “Growth Mindset.” 
  • We are committed to developing each student’s metacognitive and social emotional learning capacities: self-awareness, social awareness, decision making and relationship skills within and beyond the classroom.  
In HAFTR’s instructionally rigorous classrooms: 
  • Complex and open-ended Essential Questions frame each unit of study  and course progression.  
  • Students develop deep conceptual understandings regarding the How (processes) and the Why (significance of) learning as it relates to each unit of study and course progression.  
  • Student-led discussions, in small group and full class configurations, feature high-level questions, evidence-based responses, and a range of  opportunities for students to learn from and with each other.  
  • Students self-identify and articulate their “next moves” as learners: they  articulate the content understandings and skills that they are developing  anew or reinforcing within a unit of study or course progression.  
  • Students apply their content understandings and skills toward the creation of high level, authentic, responses to complex, open-ended, questions.  
  • Students engage in public exhibition of their work.