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Hebrew Academy of Five Towns & Rockaway
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Middle School


The goal of the HAFTR Middle School is to guide students in grades six through eight from the fundamental discovery years of the primary grades to the exciting challenges of high school in both Limudei Kodesh and General Studies. Recognizing that pre-adolescence is a time of rapid change and metamorphosis, the Middle School focuses on religious, spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, moral and physical development of our students. The HAFTR Middle School celebrates the uniqueness of this age by providing innovative, stimulating and diverse learning opportunities that address the specific developmental needs of each student in a warm and nurturing atmosphere.
As middle school corresponds to the age of becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah, our curriculum addresses the significant transition from childhood to adult responsibility from a Torah perspective. Through specially designed classes in tefillah (Prayer) and Ethics, and throughout the curricula, students are imbued with an understanding of the basic tenets of Judaism and religious Zionism, including the centrality of the State of Israel to Jewish identity. A close relationship, build on open communication, between home and school is greatly encouraged to maximize the potential of each child.


For more information, contact Mr. Joshua Gold, Principal, 516-569-6352,