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HAFTR is committed to fostering a strong connection between our students and the Land of Israel.  Learning about the past and present helps our students to understand the sacred relationship between the Land, the Jewish people and their role in its future.  Our goal is for students to develop a strong connection to Medinat Israel.  

The Israel curriculum is innovative, interactive and engaging.  Students learn about Israel's history, its geography, resources and culture.  They are introduced to important Israeli figures in politics as well as the arts.  We constantly find ways to integrate Israel into our cross disciplinary curriculum.  For example, a second grade lesson in communities included communities in Israel.  A lesson about the Declaration of Independence in fifth grade becomes a comparison to Israel's Declaration of Independence.  When studying Chumash how Avraham settled in the desert, students compare the transformation of the desert by Ben Gurion.  In conjunction with our curriculum, we have introduced the Lookstein Center's Israel curriculum as an additional resource.  Lessons and activities come to life when students sit around our giant map of Israel.  Scaffolding what students learn on each grade level, ensures that we instill the necessary components for a well-rounded Israel education. 

Our commitment and love of Eretz Yisrael can truly be felt at our Yom HaZikaron Commemoration and Yom HaAtzmaut Family Celebration.  Meeting chayalim and learning about the heroes of Tzahal, bring about pride in Israel that our students can identify with.  Yom HaAtzmaut is the culmination of our year-long learning.  Displays, museums and brochures are creative ways in which students share their knowledge with the school community.  Daglanut, mini-Israel, music and dance performances are a few of the exciting activities that are showcased as we celebrate Israel's birthday with our entire parent body.


HAFTR also participates in Israel's Sherut Leumi program, enabling Orthodox young women to complete their national service at our Yeshiva.  The Bnot Sherut, enrich our school environment by creating special programs about Israel for our students.  They prepare Parsha plays, games at Oneg Shabbat, assist with Yom HaZikaron commemoration and with our gala celebration of Yom Ha'Atzmaut.  The Sherut Leumi program supports our mission to promote a love of Eretz Yisrael and facilitates the use of conversational Hebrew for our students. 


Hebrew Language

Our Lashon curriculum begins in kindergarten with the Chalav U'dvash program.  From the very first day, students learn to speak Hebrew phrases.  Throughout the year, their vocabulary grows as they learn in a most creative way.  Grades one through five continue to strengthen their language skills as  they move from grade to grade with their virtual class friends from the Tal Am program.  Hebrew Libraries enrich students learning.  Students are read to, engage in conversation, read, write and sing songs as they continue to strengthen their language skills.  Students use an online program to reinforce and facilitate learning of the Hebrew letters and sounds in first grade as well as the Tal Am program in grades two and three.

Students in grades two and three utilize the iTal Am program to support and enrich the Lashon curriculum and to provide additional opportunities to engage in the Hebrew language.

HAFTR hosts Bnot Sherut Leumi form the Bat Ami program.  The Bnot Sherut add a great deal of ruach to the school on a daily basis and they develop wonderful programs for each and every chag. The Bnot Sherut provide students with daily opportunities to speak the modern Hebrew language.  As students learn about places in Israel, friends of the Bnot Sherut who live in those areas will often Facetime the students and tell them about their communities.

The Yeladudes Theatre performs for our kindergarten and first grade students. Their plays, performed in Hebrew engage students in song and story as they learn about Shabbat, Chanukah, Purim and Israel.  In honor of Yom HaAtzmaut, fifth graders perform an original Hebrew Play for the entire school community.  The audience receives parts as well and are frequently called upon to join in the songs and dances.