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The Arts

At HAFTR, an education in the arts is as integral to student development as any academic subject.  The arts, stimulates curiosity, sharpens our senses, strengthens academic learning and encourages classroom interactions.  An arts education builds 21st century skills including: creativity, critical thinking,communication and collaboration.  
Students visit museums and concert halls.  They learn about famous artists, various technologies and experiment with different mediums.  Visiting artists share their craft as well as their journey into a career in the arts.
Students perform at school wide events and their artistic talent is showcased throughout the school.  Numerous art projects are done in partnership with our technology department offering students additional ways to express themselves.  
Our M'Dor L'Dor Program is the culmination and celebration of learning about artifacts and out family stories.  Students become curators as they sort and categorize family objects.
Special events such as Evening of the Arts, celebrate the artistic and musical talents of our students.