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Hebrew Academy of Five Towns & Rockaway
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Lower School Happenings

Studies show that learning through experience helps one gain deeper understanding and the ability to remember for a longer period. A focus in the Lower School is that students learn best through a multi-sensory approach. The acts of seeing, tasting and touching, engages students in their learning and empowers them. With this in mind, our pre-chag programming involved activities where students used all their senses. 
Fourth grade students created their very own shofarot at the Tzivos HashemShofar Workshop. After learning the halachot of what constitutes a shofar, students were privileged to make their very own. They sanded, carved and sawed a horn to transform it into a kosher shofar that can be used to fulfill the mitzvah ofתקיעת שופר .  
We hope that you received your Rosh HaShanah card that students created. Inspired by pop artists Andy Warhol and Yitzchok Moully, our young artists used a variety of mediums and symbols of the chag to design their originals.  
Kindergarten through fifth grade visited our “,ראש השנה מסביב העולם”, highlighting customs from around the world. As they learned that people from different countries use different foods for the simanim, students were able to touch and smell different foods that were on display. Students were intrigued by the roughness of gourds used in Israel, the crown shape on top of the pomegranate, a fruit used by Jews from Hungarian descent, and the color of the beets that many thought was a purple onion. Some brave volunteers held the head of a fish, while everyone made a bracha on an apple dipped in honey to get a taste of the sweet year that lies ahead.
After Rosh HaShanah students’ hands-on experience continued by performing the kaparot. A giant tzeddakah box on display in front of our office was filled as each class performed the minhag with their morah or rebbe. The money that was collected and the money that is being collected until the end of Chodesh Cheshvan will be donated to Standing Together, a volunteer organization supporting the IDF, in memory of Ari Fuld, A”H, their Assistant Director, and to the Fuld Family,   
Kindergarten visited the sukkah at Beth Sholom. There, Rabbi Feigenbaum taught them how each of the minim is symbolic and demonstrated how to properly shake the lulav. Students had the opportunity to practice by not only shaking a lulav but their own bodies.