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1st grader
Our uniform policy reflects dignity and modesty and facilitates a respectful atmosphere in our Yeshiva as well as enhances school spirit. It also eliminates the unnecessary competition among our children in regard to their clothing so they can direct their attention to the values of Torah study and general learning.  Our students, wearing their individual uniforms, serve as our ambassadors to the larger community. We count on every parent’s support and encouragement in this endeavor.
HAFTR does not sell or distribute uniforms. We have recommended vendors who provide our families with approved uniform choices that reflect our desire to keep costs reasonable and assure high quality. All shirts will proudly display the HAFTR logo.

We recommend that you look for email specials from Lands’ End and French Toast to stay apprised of various discounts and sales on uniform purchases.

From time to time, our HAFTR PTA sells HAFTR Apparel. Uniform approved items are denoted in their sale. Keep an eye out for emails from them for the next sale!
Below you will find detailed information about our school uniforms:



Available From


Polo shirts - white or navy with HAFTR logo

     Long sleeve pique or knit 

     Short sleeve pique or knit

Long sleeve white button down oxford with HAFTR logo

Short sleeve white button down oxford with HAFTR logo

Lands’ End

French Toast





Skirts for girls are to be navy or khaki and purchased from the selected vendors only. All skirts must be below the knee.

·         Straight skirt (Lands’ End)

·         A-line skirt (French Toast and Lands’ End)

SKORT (Lands’ End - First Grade Only)

·         Box pleat skirt (Lands’ End)

·         Pleated skirt (Lands’ End)

·         Navy collared dress with ruffles (Lands’ End - First, Second, Third, and Fourth Grades Only)

Lands’ End

French Toast




Pants for boys are to be navy or khaki chino (can be purchased from any supplier)

·              Must be neat and not baggy

·              Cargos with flat pockets are allowed

·              Writing on pants is not permitted

·              No jeans, sweats, or cords

Lands’ End

French Toast

Any other supplier

Sweatshirts and Sweaters

HAFTR navy, zip-up fleece - for boys and girls                     
HAFTR navy, sweatshirt – for boys and girls

Navy Hooded zip front sweatshirt (Lands’ End)

Navy or white crewneck, button-down or zip-up sweater with HAFTR logo (Lands’ End)              


Lands’ End