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Faculty Directory


At HAFTR Lower School, all general studies staff members hold a graduate degree in Education with many holding dual certifications in Childhood Education and Special Education. Judaic studies staff members come from a variety of backgrounds and with different experiences. Hebrew language educators are native Hebrew speakers and are trained in the Tal Am program.

Professional development is an important part of our learning community and school culture. Staff members recognize that there are always new things to learn. A focus for general studies staff has been the implementation of New York State Standards. Each week, staff members improve their craft by meeting for professional development in literacy, math and Judaic studies. Monthly grade meetings are used to develop an integrated curriculum for an upcoming event or holiday. As technology evolves, staff members learn and utilize best practices as they align technology with their curriculum.

Below you will find a list of our HAFTR Lower School faculty members and staff. To contact a faculty or staff member, please call (516)569-3043.


Ms. Joy Hammer Principal
Ms. Tova Zucker
Assistant Principal
Rabbi Aaron Feigenbaum
Rav Bet Sefer 
Dr. Jonathan Cohen Pathways 
Mrs. Shelley Schmutter Director of Special Education
Mrs. Gitit Levovitz  Hebrew Language Coordinator

Administrative Staff

Mrs. Caroll Adler Secretary
Mrs. Robin Maron Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Shari Willinger-Weiss Administrative Assistant

Guidance Department
Dr. Jonathan Cohen  Pathways
Rabbi Yosef Jacobs Pathways Counselor
Mrs. Naomi Wargon District Psychologist
Ms. Jaclyn Bieder District Social Worker
Support Staff and Enrichment
Mrs. Shelley Schmutter Director of Special Education
Ms. Meira Carrey Judaic Studies Learning Center
Mrs. Aviva Lee Parnes Judaic and General Studies Learning Center
Mrs. Miriam Rosenberg Judaic Studies Learning Center
Mrs. Jennifer Stein General Studies Learning Center
Mrs. Aleeza Lauer Permanent Substitute 
District Support Staff
Mrs. Kara Gomberg
Speech Language Therapist
Mrs. Deena Goldblatt Speech Language Therapist
Mrs. Shira Borell Speech Language Therapist
Ms. Tara Stier Speech Language Therapist
Mrs. Judy Ehrenreich Occupational Therapist
Mrs. Sheri Brazil Occupational Therapist
Mrs. Lily Weichholz Occupational Therapist
School Nurse
Mrs. Debra Orner, R.N.  
Mrs. Aliza Myers Teacher
Mrs. Tali Zimerman Teacher
Mrs. Rosemary Kahn Teacher
Ms. Julie Steiner Teacher
Mrs. Caryn Golombeck Collaborative Teacher
Mrs. Nikki Joseph
Assistant Teacher
Mrs. Sefi Bodner
Assistant Teacher
Ms. Sasha Frankel
Assistant Teacher
Mrs. Alyssa Kamzan Assistant Teacher
First Grade
Mrs. Debra Haft General Studies Teacher
Mrs. Malka Zimmerman General Studies Teacher
Ms. Brittany Gannon General Studies Teacher
Mrs. Penina Klein General Studies Collaborative Teacher
Mrs. Gila Lipshitz General Studies Assistant Teacher
Ms. Sari Moradi General Studies Assistant Teacher
Mrs. Etia Cohen Judaic Studies Teacher
Mrs. Yaffa Cohen Judaic Studies Teacher
Ms. Ilana Kohen Judaic Studies Assistant Teacher
Ms. Racheli Mergi  Judaic Studies Assistant Teacher
Second Grade   
Mrs. Amy Bodner General Studies Teacher
Mrs. Michaella Eiss General Studies Teacher
Mrs. Talya Aryeh General Studies Collaborative Teacher
Mrs. Rachael Lavian Judaic Studies Teacher
Mrs. Tamara Wartenberg Judaic Studies Teacher
Ms. Noffar Amenu Judaic Studies Assistant Teacher
Third Grade  
Mrs. Allison Elfassy General Studies Teacher 
Mrs. Allison Rahmani General Studies Teacher
Mrs. Rachel Hess General Studies Collaborative Teacher
Mrs. Shayna Ungar General Studies Collaborative Teacher
Mrs. Janet Spector Reading Teacher
Mrs. Chana Garfinkel Judaic Studies Teacher
Mrs. Deena Schwebel Judaic Studies Teacher
Mrs. Daniella Nierenberg Judaic Studies Teacher
Fourth Grade  
Mrs. Michele Frenkel General Studies Teacher
Ms. Melissa Dere General Studies Teacher
Ms. Jessica Goldberg General Studies Teacher
Mrs. Teresa Grace General Studies Collaborative Teacher
Rabbi Dovid Schwab Judaic Studies Teacher, Boys 
Mrs. Idit Perez Judaic Studies Teacher, Girls
Mrs. Shani Lefkowitz Judaic Studies Teacher, Girls
Fifth Grade   
Mrs. Jill Motechin General Studies Teacher
Mrs. Beth Katz General Studies Teacher
Mrs. Jana Fabricant General Studies Teacher
Mrs. Gabriella Slotnick General Studies Collaborative Teacher
Mrs. Bashi Kutai Judaic Studies Teacher, Girls
Rabbi Elisha Weiss Judaic Studies Teacher, Boys 
Ms. Dale Rubin Kindergarten and Grade One
Mrs. Yakira Meltzer Grade Two and Grade Three
Mrs. Lisa Patik-Rosenberg Grade Four and Grade Five
Mrs. Royce Maron Art Teacher 
Mrs. Jill Goldstein Assistant Teacher

Mrs. Janet Goldman Music Teacher 
Physical Education
Mr. Jonathan Waisbrot  Gym Teacher

STEM / Technology
Rabbi Baruch Noy
Director of Technology & STEM
Instructor, Grade Five
Mrs. Elaine Gross Ed Tech Coordinator and Tech Teacher Kindergarten and Grade One
Mrs. Sheryl Sokoler Tech Instructor, Grade Two, Grade Three, Grade Four

Hebrew Language
Mrs. Gitit Levovitz Hebrew Language Coordinator, Grades Three, Four, and Five
Mrs. Debby Landau Kindergarten Lashon Teacher
Mrs. Chaviva Horovitz
Lashon Teacher Grades Three and Four
Mrs. Chen Gulzman Lashon Teacher Grades Three and Four, Hebrew Library
Mrs. Einav Regev Lashon Teacher Grades Three, Four, and Five