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Support & Enrichment

While recognizing that each child is an individual, HAFTR Lower School provides opportunities for students to get support and enrichment to meet their educational needs. 
Classroom teachers, assistant teachers and reading teachers, provide small group instruction to all students in their class.  Students who benefit from additional support may receive it from one of our Learning Center specialists.  This support will take place outside of the classroom between three and five times a week.  Support is offered in both Judaic and General Studies and is targeted to the specific needs of the group.  Every few weeks, students are re-evaluated and support services continue, discontinue, increase or change.
HAFTR's collaborative classroom is the ideal class for students who need support throughout the day.  Students who meet the criteria for this class are grouped together with their peers.  They receive additional supports from a special education teacher who co-teaches with their general studies classroom teacher.  All students in this class benefit from the small student/teacher ratio. 
HAFTR receives Special Education services from the Lawrence School District, including Resource Room, Occupational Therapy, Speech, Counseling, and Physical Therapy. Our Special Education staff will be happy to assist parents with the evaluation process.

In support of the social-emotional growth of all students, our full-time guidance team provides classes on social skills as well as counseling support. “Banana Splits” groups meet weekly to support students whose families are changing. Our psychologists, social worker and interns are here to support students, facilitate conversations and help students solve problems effectively.

HAFTR Lower School also provides a variety of enrichment opportunities. Each Friday, students in grades 3-5 participate in a club period known as MI Time. Based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, students join a club that facilitates growth in their preferred intelligence and personal strength. Book clubs are also available for strong readers on all grade levels. The Lower School is proud to have a gifted program called the TOTs (“Thinkers of Tomorrow”) program. Students are invited to participate in TOTs based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria. TOTs students are challenged with higher level thinking activities involving flexibility, originality and elaborative problem solving.