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Lower School


The Lower School recognizes that each child is unique with individual educational needs, interests and learning styles. It is with this awareness that our curriculum is designed to accommodate our diverse community of learners.

Our General Studies program meets New York State standards and is characterized by progressive pedagogical techniques including: Reading and Writing Workshop, differentiated instruction, Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and interest-based learning, problem-solving, hands-on/real world learning, authentic assessments, and ongoing professional development for our educators. Cultural arts is valued and included in our extensive music and art programs, field trips and evening programming. While central to our Judaic Studies program is a love of Torah values and Eretz Yisrael, through the study of Chumash, Navi, Israeli history and culture, there is an emphasis on modern Hebrew language as well. Support and enrichment opportunities also abound through our learning centers, social skills groups, gifted program, book clubs and math enrichment program.

All classes are co-educational and grouped heterogeneously. Students are regrouped each year to facilitate the socialization among students across the grade. Beginning fourth grade, students are separated by gender for Judaic Studies classes as well as grouped homogeneously for Hebrew language and math. Because HAFTR values flexible grouping, students in these subjects are organized according to his/her level in order to maximize each child’s learning potential.

HAFTR Lower School is more than a first-rate Modern Orthodox educational institution. It is a caring learning community wherein each child is given the opportunity to maximize his/her learning potential. For more information, contact Mr. Joshua Gold, Principal, (516) 569-3043, [email protected]