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Early Childhood Happenings

This is where you will find our monthly newsletters for a sneak preview of what's been happening in Early Childhood.

It is so difficult for me to believe that this school year has come to an end.  Where did it go?  I can vividly remember greeting all of the children…welcoming back many and introducing myself to the newbies.  It truly seems like just yesterday that we were dipping the apples in the honey and yet, when I see how much our children have grown both on the inside and out, I realize that a year has indeed gone by.  Tears that were shed at the beginning of the year have been exchanged for huge smiles.  Children who clung to their parents now walk in the door with confidence.  They can’t wait to start another amazing day.  Friendships were formed and concepts were cemented. I marvel at how even our youngest children have matured and gained confidence. 



I want to thank you for sharing your precious gifts with us.  Your children light up our lives and fill our school with squeals of laughter and sounds of joy.  The learning that goes on each and every day in our classrooms is amazing.  The sweet sounds of the children’s tefilot in the morning are truly inspiring.  While it is hard for us to let go, we take joy in planning for the next year. 


Of course I would all be remiss if I did not give credit where credit is due.    My thanks go to the parents for their trust and confidence in us and to the fantastic Morot who give their heart and soul every day.  A special thank you to all of the Moms, Dads, Grandparents,  and older siblings who have come to read and play with us.  We truly love making memories with you.



We hope you all have a happy and healthy summer.  Take the time to enjoy the small moments with your children.  Avail yourself of the wonderful children’s museums and libraries that we have in our area.  Go star gazing.  Splash in the water.  Make lots of memories.  Take lots of pictures and remember the wonderful words of Rosemary Wells:


Read to your bunny often,

It’s 20 minutes of fun.

It’s 20 minutes of moonlight,

And 20 minutes of sun.

20 old favorite minutes,

20 minutes brand new,

Read to your bunny often,

And…your bunny will read to you!

All the best,

Cyndy Goldberg

Early Childhood Director