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Our Project - HAFTR Hall

2022 HAFTR Dinner contributions will help build HAFTR Hall - a modern one-of-a-kind auditorium at HAFTR High School.
HAFTR Hall - a new Auditorium and E-Sports arena will be a one-of-a-kind asset to HAFTR High School, serving students as a teaching tool, offering expanded curriculum possibilities and course offerings, and providing a unique resource to the community beyond the school.
HAFTR Hall will feature state-of-the-art technology complementing a best-practice acoustical and audiovisual environment for multiplayer video game competitions, innovative tech lab demonstrations, theatrical productions, live lectures, seminars, and daily minyan. A stadium-style concert sound system, wireless audio, lavalier headsets, and goose-neck lectern microphones along with strategic acoustical design elements will provide a dynamic listening experience. Broadcast-quality control room elements will allow students to operate high-resolution cameras for performances and competitions to be streamed and shared with the world. Finally, a large LED video wall will be rigged overhead to fully immerse the live audience in the event. 
Flexibility is key to the success of the renovated space. The innovative design will feature three walls of telescoping seating allowing the space to be configured for a wide range of setups and activities.
Whether deployed as raked seating for a regional E-Sports competition, arranged as a learning tech laboratory, set up with loose furniture for community gatherings, or fully retracted and used as a large open space, the flexible and multipurpose design provides HAFTR with an essential resource for a forward thinking 21st century school.