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Hebrew Academy of Five Towns & Rockaway
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Online Registration

To register for the 2020/2021 school year, begin by clicking here. Note that first time users must register on the portal. To do so, click here
Each parent must register with our website and create a Login ID and Password (your login credentials). Without these, you will not be able to sign your contract.
Once both parents have set up their login credentials and received a confirmation email, they will each be able to log on to the registration portal. The portal will take you through several sections that need to be completed. If you have not completed each section, you will not be able to access your Payment Arrangement page and sign your contract.
Either parent is able to complete each section. However, to complete Payment Arrangement and sign the contract, both parents will need to be together to electronically sign the document and enter their passwords. Please note that your name needs to be signed exactly as shown on the portal, and cannot include an extra spaces, in order to be accepted as a signature.
Common Issues:
1. I can't access the Payment Arrangement page.
In order to access the Payment Arrangement page, you need to review each preceding page and submit it. To verify that you have submitted each page, make sure that there is a check mark near each page on the sidebar menu:
Online registration menu   vs.    online registration menu 2
2. I'm unable to sign - I'm receiving a Signature Mismatch error.
The system will accept your electronic signature if you enter your name exactly as shown below the signature line. An (invisible) extra space after your name will throw it off. The password requested is the one the signer uses to log on to the portal.