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High School Students Commemorate Yom HaZikaron and Celebrate Yom HaAztmaut

Yom HaZikaron, the Day of Remembrance, is a day in which we honor the fallen soldiers of Israel and commemorate soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces for their service. With the help of our Bat Sheirut, Ms. Yael Cohen, Rabbi Jordan Nadelbach, and HAFTR High School students, HAFTR High School held an assembly to commemorate this significant day. The assembly began with student speakers acknowledging the importance of the day. Students were called upon to light candles to keep the memory of the fallen alive. The tekes focused on four specific soldiers and their heroic lives, while memorializing all the fallen soldiers of the IDF. Students from the girls' choir performed the song "בוכה בכשהל," rendering a beautiful performance filled with much emotion. Videos depicting the lives and sacrifice of fallen soldiers were shown, evoking a tear-filled, meaningful, and emotional reaction from the audience. The assembly set a serious, yet meaningful tone for the day. We will forever remember those who have fallen in their service to protect Israel, and we will continue to pray for the safe return of all IDF soldiers.

As the Jewish nation mourned these great losses, we transitioned to a day of celebration, Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel’s 70th anniversary. HAFTR High School celebrated the Chag in fashion. Students started the day with a Tefillat Chagigit, as the entire school davened together with a festive and musical Hallel. Students watched a moving video celebrating the day and were deeply inspired. This was viewed before Hallel to help better understand and appreciate the miracle of the State of Israel. The celebrations for 70th anniversary of the State of Israel continued with a carnival, dancing and singing, and a “mini Shuk” where students were treated to pizza, ice cream and candy.  Special thanks to the PTA for their sponsorship. Students continued the day as they shared their excitement and celebrations at the Marion and Aaron Gural JCC, where they joined a Yom HaAztmaut party for Holocaust survivors. The students danced, sang, and helped bring ruach to the celebration. HAFTR senior Regina Generowicz commented, “It was so meaningful to celebrate the day with Holocaust survivors. Knowing what they went through and now being able to see the State of Israel flourish is an incredible feeling.” We are looking forward to continue to celebrate Israel and the Jewish nation’s existence and successes, but next year hopefully in Israel!