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Rebecca Goldberg a"h Beit Midrash

On Friday, September 8, all HAFTR Middle School girls convened in the Rebecca Goldberg a"h BeitMidrash for an in-house celebration of the space.
The girls were welcomed to the space by Principal Joshua Gold, who acknowledged and thanked all the students who fund raised, and all the parents and families who donated their time and financial resources to the project.
The girls then heard from Dr. Alissa Hersh and Mrs. Stephanie Ulmer, HAFTR parents who spearheaded and stewarded the building project from the beginning to end.  Dr. Hersh and Mrs. Ulmer shared words that inspired the girls to make the space their own, and one dedicated to holy endeavors.
The program culminated with the girls viewing a video of Rabbis from the community and other HAFTR community leaders such as Ambassador to Israel, Mr. David Friedman, congratulating the school on the new space.
All HAFTR Middle School girls then moved down to the school's multi-purpose room for snacks and simcha dancing with Azamra DJ leading the way.
This was truly a special event and one that, along with the Chanukat HaBayit on September 7th, allowed our school to open the Rebecca Goldberg a"h Beit Midrash in a way that positions our students to feel a sense of personal ownership and simcha toward their learning and davening.