Targeted Giving

In recent years, HAFTR has partnered with our parent body to initiate a renaissance in our yeshiva. We understand that members of our HAFTR community enjoy donating to the school for a specific cause that is meaningful to them. Our HAFTR parents have come forward to donate very generously to enhance our facilities and improve their children’s experiences at HAFTR.  It is only with the help of our families that we can provide an outstanding General & Judaic Studies education to our HAFTR students.  We look to you, our HAFTR families, to join us as we continue to improve and renew our yeshiva so that we may enrich the school in ways we never thought possible.

Through parent donations we have accomplished the following projects:

  • Early Childhood Playground
  • Early Childhood Multipurpose Room
  • Lower School Library
  • Lower School Gym
  • Lower School Atrium
  • Middle School Science Lab
  • Middle School Beit Midrash
  • 2 High School Beit Midrash rooms
  • High School Library
  • High School Lunchroom
  • High School Enrichment Center
  • Hawks’ Nest HAFTR  Sports Complex
  • Smartboard installations in classrooms

Each of these projects was spearheaded by our parents who, so generously, volunteered their time to raise funds for these improvements. If there is a particular area that you would like to develop, please contact Mr. Ari Solomon at to share your ideas.

You can read more about our HAFTR Renaissance and Targeted Giving here: