Dear Friends,


As we begin anew for Tishrei 5774, we would like to reflect on the past year and take a moment to thank everyone who helped shape HAFTRCares and those who contributed towards our cause. This year has been full of struggle for many of our HAFTR families, but, at the same time, has been one of the most rewarding years for us all. We watched our HAFTR community join together to assist those in need after the traumatic effects of Hurricane Sandy. In addition to the financial support we have seen, many HAFTR families opened their homes and hearts to friends, neighbors and classmates as those affected by the storm began to rebuild their homes and lives.


On behalf of the entire HAFTR community, we would like to thank our entire HAFTR family for your tremendous acts of chesed and kindness throughout these last few months. Certainly, the HAFTRCares committee could not have succeeded without your continued support. Because of your generosity, we were able to provide thousands of dollars, as well as needed services and assistance, to families whose homes and other valuables were damaged in Superstorm Sandy.


Based on the fact that HAFTRCares has become such an important part of HAFTR, we have decided to continue its mission of chesed and charity I”H for many years to come. The doors will soon open throughout our HAFTR campuses as we begin the 2013-2014 academic year, and the HAFTRCares committee would like to be prepared and fully equipped to assist those HAFTR families in need should any health, weather or other unexpected circumstances arise in the future. So, we turn to you, our loyal and dedicated HAFTR community to ensure that we have the necessary funds in such an event. Your contribution will go towards any HAFTR student, faculty member, parent, graduate, or grandparent who looks to their Yeshiva community for assistance in a personal time of need. Any assistance that is provided is done in a professional and confidential manner.  This money is not used for tuition purposes, but to help with other necessities.


Olam Chesed Yibaneh- the world will be built upon acts of kindness.


We can all attest to the fact that many of our worlds which were unfortunately recently destroyed were rebuilt on the kindness and generosity of those around us.


Please contribute to the HAFTRCares Committee.


Donations can be made through our HAFTR website here or by

e-mailing HAFTRCares@haftr.org.


If you have any questions or suggestions for the HAFTRCares Committee, please e-mail us at HAFTRCares@haftr.org.


Shana Tova!


The HAFTRCares Committee



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