Support & Enrichment

While recognizing that each child is an individual, HAFTR Lower School provides opportunities for students to get support and enrichment to meet their educational needs.  HAFTR receives services from the Lawrence School District, including Resource Room, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Physical Therapy for students with IEPs.  HAFTR provides both Judaic and General Studies Learning Centers for students who benefit from additional academic support.

In support of the social-emotional growth of all students, our full-time guidance team provides classes on social skills as well as counseling support.  “Banana Splits” groups meet weekly to support students whose families are changing.  Our psychologists, social worker and interns are here to support students, facilitate conversations and help students solve problems effectively.

HAFTR Lower School also provides a variety of enrichment opportunities.  Each Friday, students in grades 3-5 participate in a club period known as MI Time.  Based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, students join a club that facilitates growth in their preferred intelligence and personal strength.  Book clubs are also available for strong readers on all grade levels.  The Lower School is proud to have a gifted program called the TOT (“Thinkers of Tomorrow”) program.  Students are invited to participate in TOTs based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria.  TOT students are challenged with higher level thinking activities involving flexibility, originality and elaborative problem solving.

HAFTR Hours is our after school enrichment program.  HAFTR Hours offers students an opportunity to express their unique interests outside the classroom.  Students have an opportunity to explore their artistic and creative side as well as their love for language and science.