Hatmadah Program

HAFTR High School has incorporated a wonderful new program in Judaic Studies.  The Hatmadah program offers students the opportunity for further enrichment in Judaic Studies, with a deeper understanding of Talmud, Jewish law, Jewish philosophy and other topics. Students select the areas of learning in which they wish to engage more intensively. This learning program, which takes place during breakfast, during lunch and after school,  fosters a close connection between students and their teacher and prepares students for rigorous yeshivot and seminaries in Israel.

Students in the Hatmadah program are formally recognized for their commitment and dedication to Torah learning.  Course credit is granted for participation in Hatmadah, which is listed on students’ transcripts, and Hatmadah participants are also acknowledged at the annual Celebration of Excellence award ceremonies.

For more information about the Hatmadah program, please contact Rabbi Oppen at geoppen@haftr.org