HAFTR Playground

As you can see from the photos, the new Early Childhood and Lower School playground is complete! Our HAFTR students look forward to their play time outside on our new state-of-the-art facility.

Why is a playground so vital for children?  It’s because playing outside is not just about letting off steam. It is a vital part of childhood that helps children develop physical strength, coordination and balance. It can also provide opportunities for children to learn and develop:

  • Social Skills – when they play with other children they learn to  communicate, share, collaborate and empathize with others.
  • Imagination and creativity – outside play is often open-ended and children need to be creative about what and how games are played.
  • Thinking and problem solving skills – as children assess risks and tackle new challenges they learn about having a go, persistence, and perseverance and the success those attributes can bring.
  • Sense of self – as they master new skills and play with
  •  other children, they improve their competence and
    onfidence  in their own physical and social abilities.
  • Sense of connection – to place, to peers, and to their local community and environment.
  • Self care skills – managing physical and social challenges helps children to learn about keeping themselves safe.

Furthermore, young imaginations are also nurtured and matured as children spend time on the playground. At a young age, children are able to imagine fictional worlds and use the playground equipment as props for the scenario that they are picturing. Playgrounds provide resources that are used to foster the imagination of young children. As children are eager to head outside to play on playground equipment, their minds and imaginations grow as well. Playgrounds also provide a location where numerous young friendships are started. As children share time on playground equipment, they build bonds that no other resource can match. Next, playgrounds provide an environment where they are able to learn and follow rules. Playground equipment not only provides an environment where they are able to engross themselves in physical activity, but it provides a place where children are able to implement the accordance of rules that they have developed. As they practice on the playground more and more, they also learn the consequences when one of these rules is broken. Cooperation and self confidence are also developed as they bond with others while learning new skills and techniques.

While some may say that books are the foundation of knowledge, playgrounds are the foundations for so much more. Playgrounds help to provide children with a sanctuary where they are able to learn indispensable skills that will be instrumental in their lives.

Thank you to all those families who have helped us fulfill our dream.  There are still dedication opportunities available.  Please contact Leslie Gang in the Business Office if you wish to contribute. She can be reached at 516.569.3370 ext. 110 or legang@haftr.org 

We are still taking reservations for our second handprint tile session which will take place at our grand opening event. To reserve a tile for your child(ren), please click here and return the completed form to Leslie Gang in the HAFTR Business Office.

We hope to host our grand opening event in the spring! Please check back soon for more information.

Click here for the HAFTR Playground Brochure